Cancellation Policy

Off Season

No cancellation charges before 24 Hrs

50% Cancellation Charges before Check-in Time (

100% cancellation charges for No Show


Cancellation received 7 clear days Before intended occupation No Charges
Cancellation received between 1 to 6 clear Days Before intended occupation 50% of total charges Entire Booking
No show   Full room charges for the entire period of reservation
  1. All chambers are charged for double occupancy even if occupied by the single occupant.
  2. Maximum person allowed in each Chamber is 4 persons. Under no circumstances more than 4 persons (Whether adults or children’s) will notbe permitted to stay in a chamber.
  3. Non-Members will be required to apply for temporary membership duly proposed by members of the club. The proposer will be responsible for payment for bills in the event of the non-members failing to honour bills on presentation.
  4. Affiliated club members will be required to pay guest rates and they will be charged affiliation fee.
  5. The Season Period Starts from April 20th to June 5th. Our Tariff are Subject to Changes So kindly Check them often 
  6. Breakfast will be served at Dining hall at the rate of Rs.150/- + Tax (Per Person )
  7. The club has a Dining area serving an a la carte Menu.
  8. Room service is not available except on medical grounds.
  9. The Club does not guarantee any particular room.
  10. Reservation is not transferable.
  11. Check-in time is strictly 11.00 A.M. Check-out time is strictly 9.00 A.M
  12. A certain amount of bank charges will be deducted  from your amount at the time of Room Booking  and for cancellation of your booking for any reason, the remaining amount will be refunded to you after bank charges are deducted from your advance payment.

Club Dress Regulations


1.Members  are requested to be properly attired as per indian Traditional dress including properly worn Veshti (Dhoti) reflecting Tamil culture for entry in the club.further more.

2.Members are required to follow dress regulations of wearing Full Sleeved shirt with collar.Full Length Trousers and Shoes with Socks in the Bridge Room,Cards Room,Billiards Rooms.Bar and Library after 6.00 P.M. During all other times .These restrictions do not apply in these areas.

Rubber Slippers, Shorts & Collarless Shirts are not permitted at any time in the Club areas.

Badminton Court,Gym & Tennis Court areas are exempted from these dress restrictions.

3. Ladies will have to be appropriately dressed .No shorts & Rubber Slippers are permitted in the Bridge Room,Billiards Room.Cards Room, Bar & Library after 6.00 P.M.