The Kodaikanal Club celebrated the Annual Pongal Lunch on 14.01.2018.

The Kodaikanal Club celebrated the Annual Pongal Lunch on 14.01.2018. The Guests were entertained on the lawn by a group of folk dancers from Palamalai and two lady dancers from Palani , organised by  Mr.David Thomas.  As usual elaborate arrangements were made by Mrs.Anju Mittal and Addl.Hon.Secretary Mr.Krishna Rajendran.  The Folk Dancers played on their traditional animal skin drums and danced to their beat.   The Lady dancers performed Karakatam balancing a floral pot on the head.  The performance was a treat to the eyes and music was to the ears.   The afternoon was…continue reading →

Tree Planting at our Club 2017

Dear Members We are happy to inform our Members that We have planted 20 Native trees. Planting was done by some of our Members Mr.G.S.Mani,Mr.Mohammed Nasir Iqbal ,Mr.Arun Laxmi Narayanan  ,MR.Abdul Hameed ,Mr.Rakesh Mittal,Mr.Krishna Rajendran , and Staff Mr.Andrews Muthu, Mrs.Maheswari,Mrs.Parvathy.Mrs.Celine , Mr.Mohan,Mr.Senthilkumar and Mr.Devadass( Gardener) We also planning to Plant more trees in due course.continue reading →


Dear Members,  Whenever you book room for your guests ,Kindly  inform the club via Mail/ Letter .Not orally .Also direct the club that whether all charges to be  collected from the guest or to be debited in your account.If instructed that the amount to be collected from the guest ,Please intimate them that and advance  in full have to be paid. Members using the chambers are entailed to use the credit facilities up to Rs.10000/- only, Any bill above Rs.10000/- should be settled within 15 days from the date of billing,Any party  bills…continue reading →
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