The Membership of the club shall consist of:.

  1. Life Members
  2. Permanent Members
  3. Annual Members
  4. Corporate Members
  5. Temporary Members
  6. Affiliated Members
  7. Honorary Members

Life Member :

Shall mean a Member who opted to become a life member by paying entrance fees of Rs.1258000+ GST.

Permanent Members : 

“Permanent Membership: Sons and Daughter of members who are above the age of 18 years are entailed for permanent membership up to the age of 28 years. The fee for this membership is Rs.6,00,000 and Rs.8,000 being the annual subscription. Members’ children who opt for permanent membership of the club shall be eligible for the same only if their respective parents have completed at least 10 years as members of the
club. This restriction is however not applicable to member’s children who opt for Life membership of the club”

Annual Members : 

Annual membership is open to residents of Kodaikanal  on yearly basis qualifying under class 1 Rule IV for the maximum period of 2 terms of  each period or termof 3 years. The applicant will go through the normal procedure of obtaining membership to the club as per Rule V. On approval a sum of Rs.50, 000/- is payable within 30 days and Rs.50,000/- yearly thereafter subject to necessary approval. Members in this category will not be entitled to attend any of the General Body Meetings nor have any voting rights. The maximum number of membership under this category will be restricted to 20 members at any given time and yearly admissions in this category will not be more than 5 members.

Corporate Members(Institutional Membership) : 

Companies registered under the companies Act 1956, business firms and concern will be permitted to avail membership for a maximum number of two of their senior executives. A down payment of Rs.10 lakhs +GST will be collected.

Member will have to be proposed by one voting member and seconded by two voting members of the club and furnish the details of the institution that may be called for by the committee. The Institution will have to be elected to such membership by the committee. The Institution or its nominated representatives will not have voting rights. The designated representatives of the institution will enjoy all facilities of the club except voting rights. The designated representatives of the institution should also undertake to observe all the terms and conditions under the rules applicable to a member. The designated representatives of the institution can be changed from time to time but out more frequently than twice a year.The total number of corporate membership so permitted shall not exceed 25.

Temporary Members :

Visitors to Kodaikanal who qualified under Rule IV Clause 1 above may become temporary members on being introduced and proposed by a permanent member for a period of 30 consecutive days, This may be extended at the discretion of the committee for a further period of 30 consecutive days in special cases. He /She will pay a sum of Rs.100/- per day as Temporary membership fees in off Season and season Rs.200/-. A temporary member shall not be entitled to attend or vote at the General Body Meetings of the Club of to serve of the committee and participate in its management and shall not introduce non members to the Club.The Member who introduces and proposes a temporary member shall personally liable and responsible for the conduct and behavior of the temporary member and those who use the club through him and for any loss or damage caused to the Club by them.

Affiliated Members :

Shall mean visiting members of other clubs which have affiliated arrangements with this club and their rights and liabilities shall be determined in accordance with the respective affiliation agreements. He/she will pay as per your mother club rule fees.

Honorary Members :

A distinguished person or persons who have rendered valuable services to the club or to the Nation may be elected by the club at a General Body Meeting as Honorary Members. Honorary members are not entitled to attend or vote at meetings of the cub or participate in its managements. Further the Committee members of the American Madurai Mission which originally gifted the land of the club on which it is now functioning shall be entitled to become, without election as Honorary members of the Club.