Dear Members,

  1.  Whenever you book room for your guests ,Kindly  inform the club via Mail/ Letter .Not orally .Also direct the club that whether all charges to be  collected from the guest or to be debited in your account.If instructed that the amount to be collected from the guest ,Please intimate them that and advance  in full have to be paid.

  2. Members using the chambers are entailed to use the credit facilities up to Rs.10000/- only, Any bill above Rs.10000/- should be settled within 15 days from the date of billing,Any party  bills should be settled with in 7 days from the date of billing.

  3. We kindly request you to bring your guest,only through the main gate & Sign for them at the reception please do not bring or send any guest from the back side gate your co operation in this regard is highly appreciated.

  4. The Memorandum of Association and rules of The Kodaikanal club rule 8   clause 2 says as under ,No members shall introduce  more than 5 guest at a time .Members are requested to follow the same .


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